Like every other student in my college I made decisions about going to United States, study there and get a Corporate Job, Earn some $$$$, Marry an Indian Girl and Inhabit USA for the rest of the life leaving my parents alone in India.

With the same Spirit, I Secretly wrote my GMAT and applied for Visa to do MBA and I’m travelling to United States tomorrow…  its been very great in India and I’m gonna fly off to USA and settle there..! Yipeeeeeeeee.  But I didn’t tell this to anyone not even my parents and my best buddies. They were in a shock when I posted a status on my wall and this blog is for them on how i managed to write my exams and got my VISA APPROVED.

visa approved india

Cut the crap! I’m not going anywhere… it’s my friend who posted the status on behalf of me and I’m taking the leverage of it to explain my notion for people who want to Study in US and inhabit for $$$$.

First of all, I love my Country and I respect it a LOT. I always wanted to do something in life and be an Achiever. When my mates were thinking about how to PASS in exams.. i used to learn how things work around. I never cared about passing in examinations.. but I cared about discovering ideas, meeting people to know their experiences towards their successful journeys , doing adventurous stuff and they all indicated the same meaning.







Work hard towards your passion with consistency, no matter how many ages it may take …. you will be successful when we meet again!

I completed my graduation this year & don’t wanna do my masters and work for other country and make it a limelight. I always had that zeal, that excitement , that passion to do something!  I was working in a great startup before completing my graduation and now I’ve the confidence in me that I can achieve extraordinary things and make my India proud and also show the world that Indians can make the impossible possible.

The same Gut feeling is making me to write this blog to all my friends and readers of the blog who want to Study in US and Settle there.  Before going into much deeper lengths i want to ask you something –

What is the main purpose of you going Abroad?

Do you really want to miss your parents and work there for $$$$ ?

Does money matter you the most? Or achieving great things and making India proud!

Do you know that 80% of the Indians have the gut to achieve the Impossible?

Answer yourself to these questions….. and let me know your answers.

India is Incredible. Either you may be dumb or you haven’t been following the news on India. Lets gather up some information to you 🙂

Economy of India.
The economy of India is the seventh-largest economy in the world measured by nominal GDP and the third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP).

Big B Companies of India which are Recognized Worldwide?
Do you know the Big Billion Companies of India in terms of assets and Market capital ??  Coal India , Aditya Birla Group, Hindalco , Tata Steel, ONGC , Tata Motors, Hindustan Petroleum,  State Bank of India , Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil Corporation are the recognized worldwide.

Upcoming Tech Gaints to reach the B Category.
Technology is the Revolution. Many startups and companies are into the market to change the way and make a huge difference. Looking at the way of scaling their markets, statistics from years and the passion towards their ideas these are the names which are to be the next Big B Companies from India.  Ola, Paytm, Redbus, Flipkart, Zomato, MakeMyTrip, Oyo rooms, Quikr and a lot more successful companies.

Demonetization by PM Narendra Modi
Finally, the living legend took a risky step to eliminate all the black money with a great strategy.  He has been waiting to do this for years and with the hard work that he did, this was his right moment to execute the plan in demonetization . He is such a hard worker in Making India a Better Place!

These things motivate the Young Minds, Entrepreneurs and Achievers in making India Incredible! After looking at these stories and their passion towards their work in making India an Incredible Country….. Do you Still Want to Settle in Abroad?

Now, Start Questioning Yourself! 🙂

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