It was a hell of a Friday at office and it was team meeting session for the last hour. We’re a startup from Hyderabad, we discuss the things that are done in that week.

At the end of the session my colleague who’s a great buddy asked me, why are you stressed out? I said, nothing its the same usual tensions, just need a bit relaxation and it will be done. Suddenly my friend bumped into planning a trip nearby for the weekend! 😀  & it stuck in my mind. And the next minute we mapped out a Trip to Suryalanka Beach, Vijayawada. Planning a trip in the weekend when you are stressed out is the perfect way to getway everything and find peace to think properly.

Trip to Suryalanka Beach

Suryalanka Beach (Bapatla Beach) is one of the nearest beaches from Hyderabad and the way towards this town is refreshing with aromas, never ending fields and the coconut trees which you will never end up counting them all. Suryalanka Beach is one of the best beaches around Telengana and Andhra Pradesh. Only a Road Trip to Suryalanka Beach will make you forget all the issues for a weekend.

And we left the office at 9 PM and gathered all the quick items that we need for a beach trip to Suryalanka. Though we wanted the trip to be unplanned we had to carry few quick items and that included  –

  • QUECHUA Arpenaz 2 Tent 2 People
  • Pair of Beach Shorts , Volley Ball
  • Sandals, Torch Lights , Match Boxes etc etc..

These were the only things that we packed for a one day beach trip to Suryalanka and we had to Start a little early to check out the Sunrise knowing this few were still late though.

It’s a 6 hours Journey by Road and around 384 Kms from Hyderabad to Suryalanka Beach. We started the trip at 11:00 PM and we had to reach by 5:00 AM or else we will miss the beauty of the Sunrise. I know its exactly 6 hours but still we may miss the route or we could stop by some other place. So we hit the road non-stop 😀

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11 PM : Start the trip to Suryalanka Beach

5 AM : Reaching Suryalanka beach and watching the Early Sunrise
6 AM – 3PM : Having a Funny Weekend at Suryalanka Beach
4 PM : Return to Hyderabad

11 PM : Reach Hyderabad

We hit the road and stopped on for having dinner at a Dhaba in the Outskirts and we reached Suryalanka Beach by 4:30 AM. Till the time it was too dark and we parked the vehicle at the entrance and we walked along the beach to put a tent and watch the sunrise as the winds were heavily breezing. During the walk along the beach side due to the darkness, heavy winds and waves murmuring for a minute i was petrified and my thoughts were like,  a tsunami ?

Then i realized that due to the darkness and the loud sounds of waves I was terrified, I know you guys must be laughing at this but trust me when you experience this, it really scares the hell out of you.

SuryaLanka Beach Bapatla Sunrise

After that we put the camp on the beach and were eagerly waiting for the sunrise. Finally at 5:45 AM we witnessed the first sun rise from the murmuring Ocean. It Traveled below the Ocean, coloring the waters golden yellow and went UP  towards the clouds in a peaceful state. It was my first amazing experience seeing such wonderful phenomenon.

We enjoyed the sunrise and had some peaceful time at the early hours of the beach, later we went to have breakfast and while coming back to the camp we bought some fresh fish to make BBQ at the camp. We put the fish to roast and played volley ball in the beach.


We were running towards the waves, jumping in the sand, playing with the volley ball , we were missing our bluetooth speaker though, we ate the fish with some wine and it was the delicious moment. The beach was calm at our camping site, we know that the beach at the entrance is too clumsy and noisy with all the crowd, that’s the reason we walked around 3 km’s far and put the tent. After sometime we saw this fishermen fishing at a larges scale production in old school way and that moment was really awesome to witness and know their experiences about the place, they told many interesting things about the beach and that will be a lil secret with me.

Suryalanka Beach View

Suryalanka Beach View 1

Suryalanka Beach View

We had a long day at the beach doing many things, my frnds even meditated at the shore and few even slept for hours and it was the best long day to spend at the beach. It was 3 PM and we decided to start to Hyderabad having lunch at Bapatla, because we heard from the locals that the Andhra meals near Bapatla bus stop is amazing and we wanted to try that. So we hit the road towards Bapatla and had Andhra meals where i liked “Pappu (Dal)” the most.

We then started back to Hyderabad via Bapatla > Guntur > Hyderabad from the National Highway and it was an amazing time to spend the weekend with family and frnds. If you are looking to stay a night at Suryalanka Beach then i suggest you to look for a hotel or book a cottage towards the sea side.

My Tent at Suryalanka Beach

Total Expenses for the Trip: 

Fuel : ₹3000 /- Round Trip
Toll Gates : ₹2000 /- Round Trip
Food  : Not more than ₹500/- for each (Including breakfast , lunch and dinner )
Hotel : Based on Booking Services and Taxes

Scenic Beauties

Surya Lanka Beach Photos

Fisherman Fishing at Suryalanka Beach

It was my wonderful weekend at Suryalanka Beach to relive from the Office Stress and Thank you for reading!! Comment your Thoughts and Opinions.


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