Ananthagiri Hills Vikarabad

2014: It was 6:00 AM in the morning and i was waiting for my friends at the meeting point! It was a pleasant morning, everything was set all the bags were packed with food and stuff. After few minutes everyone arrived at the point and the car engine started, i turned back to call my friends and saw that everyone were happy and excited about the trip. Within seconds after my call all bumped into the car and the road trip from Hyderabad to Vikarabad begins.

Recently I’ve started a youtube channel and I made a complete video what to do in Ananthagiri Hills Vikarabad. Here’s the Video Link – Watch it and let me know your comments below 😀

THINGS TO DO AT ANANTHAGIRI HILLS VIKARABAD  – check out this recent article

Our Starting point was Baghlingampally and we took the route from Mehdipatnam> Langar House > Chilkur balaji > Few more points > and finally Vikarabad 😀

My Friends decided to visit Chillkur balaji temple as it passes on the way, being an atheist i didnt go inside the temple and was waiting at the parking place with my other friend Chanakya and in the mean time we finished our breakfast as i am always going nuts with Hunger!! 😀 After finishing our breakfast Akshay, Pramod and Abhinav came back from the holy place. Wait I didn’t introduce you to my friends right?

Here you go –
Everyone Say Hello to them 😀

It was an 80 kms ride with mindblowing scenic beauties , amazing people and an awesome weather for trekking, finally we reached to Ananthagiri hills, Vikarabad at 8:00 AM.

The place was very beautiful and was refreshing and it couldn’t stop us from Trekking, but before starting we found some historic symbols and man-made caves. To see the caves you should start walking followed by the steps at hanuman statue towards the hill down area and on the way you will see big trees with creepy branches,  caves and historic symbols. I’ve captured all these beautiful things, i hope this can give you an idea how beautiful Ananthagiri Hills are!

Hanuman Statue at Ananthagiri Hills

Climbing Steps at Ananthagiri Hills


Creepy at Ananthagiri Hills

Inside the Caves of Ananthagiri Hills

Caves at Ananthagiri Hills

Historic Symbols of Ananthagiri Hills
Ananthagiri Hills is the best place for trekkers, as the forest is not that deep and there are less chances for getting lost! Most of the people come here for trekking , there are two trails! First one is trekking from the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple to the end of the steps. The second trail is to go deeper into the forest and climb small hills as many as possible. The best time for trekking is in the month of September to November! Photographers too can hit on this place and capture some mind blowing images 😀

So, now our next part is to climb the hills because it was a rainy season the ground was too slippery and we couldn’t easily climb the hills! It was a tough way to climb but somehow we manged it and reached the tower which was like a beacon!  After climbing to a certain distance you will have a point to view the actual beauty of that jungle.  The view was attracting everybody and our team began to start Candid Photoshoot 😀 .. It was hilarious taking photos, keeping duck faces and giving weird poses!! We had our fun and spend some time there having the peace sessions.

Steepy Way at Ananthagiri Hills

Forest at Ananthagiri Hills

Beacon of Ananthagiri Hills

We did all the fun….climbing rocks and trees like monkeys! Sliding on a slippery soil….wait i think i have a video of that!! Sorry :/ but i cannot post that, its private!

At 1:00 PM after these moments we were very tired and  hungry, so the next thing was to find a good place and cook some food for us as it was the part of the plan to enjoy the nature and thrill !  Somebody said me about the TopView point in Vikarabad before me planning this trip and this got stuck in my mind and we decided visit TOPVIEW point.

Highest Point at Ananthagiri Hills

Top View at Ananthagiri Hills

TopView was obviously amazing but the first this for us is to get rid of this Hunger! So immediately we decided to make Maggi and prepare the Lunch after some time. As we already brought the supplies we instantly made Maggi :D……. My dearest friends who cooked the maggi was not at all good in tastes but in hunger i ate every piece and requested for more 😛 . Seriously a man can eat anything to get rid of his hunger.

Route to Reach TOPVIEWAfter reaching to Hanuman Statue you need to go inside the forest taking a right turn for about 1.5 kms to reach the topview point of Ananthagiri hills Vikarabad. If you find any difficulties finding it, you can ask someone or track the prints of vehicles into the forest!

Finally after having some maggi, my stomach was filled up with calories and now its time for me to prepare the lunch while my buddies are having some FUN !! We brought the stuff to barbeque the chicken’s leg pieces and finally i made them to taste awesome that everyone can rip the pieces with their teeth :D.



We made many jokes and had fun with each other! Finally it was 3:00 PM as we need to rush to our home and prepare for our next schedule! Ananthagiri Hills was the best place for a One day Adventurous Hangout….. made us learn many new things and i am very thankful to my friends who made my day go crazy and awesome.

Kayaking at Vikarabad

If you’re interested in an adventure sport nearby Vikarabad then you can go kayaking at vikarabad. Its about 20kms from vikarabad to Kotapally Reservoir.

Here is a video explanation on how amazing is Kayaking –


Restaurants and Hotels at Ananthagiri Hills Vikarabad

Vikarabad is a tourism place so the AP tourism (Now its is Telengana Tourism )resort is providing accommodation with AC rooms with a traffic of 1500 per day. Check out APTDC , Telengana Tourism for more details on accommodation. For Food you can buy it from the APTDC resort which supply both veg and non-veg meals. My best suggestion is to pack your stuff and cook the food by yourself to experience the thrill and craziness.


For more Adventurous Trips and Missions, Stay Tuned to my blog!

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