It’s been a long time since I have written a post in my blog and this time I totally blame the engineering system for keeping me busy 😛  . So lets move on to the topic, since we completed our semester last week we decided to go outing in this vacation and turns out Rajmachi Fort was our destination point. Rajmachi is a Beautiful Place for Trekking, Hiking, Site Seeing, Camping and many more adventures. Monsoons are the best season to visit this place!!


Historically, Rajmachi fort was a strategic fort to control Borghat(ghat between Khopoli and Khandala on Mumbai-Pune route) which was a historical trade route. Rajmachi peak has two fortified structures – the Shrivardhan fort and Manaranjan fort. Rajmachi can be reached by 2 ways, the tough route is from Kondivade village near Karjat and it involves climb-up of about 2750 feet.  This route is totally steep and takes 4-5 hours to reach the rajmachi village.The other route is from Lonavala, which is almost a plain walk of about 15 km. In rainy season this regions are more beautiful with silvery water falls, streams and lush green forests and meadows.

Rajmachi Fort


We were under the guidance of HyderabadTrekkingClub and without them we couldn’t reach our destination point. Thanks for HTC Organizers Srikanth, Murali and Hrishikesh for making the trek too Adventurous and Memorable. And so the Itenary is planned something like this –

8:30 pm : Karjat by Train (Mumbai express)

11:30 – Reach karjat
11:45 : Reach Karjat and Start trek to Rajmachi Village

6AM : Wakeup call and start trek to lonavala via ullasvalley
3PM : Reach Lonavala and catch train to HYD

6 AM : Reach HYD

But, few itenaries went wrong and had to change the plan to reach our destination. Will explain you everything in the story ahead.

My Travel Tale

Everything with Framaroot was booked, itenaries were planned a week ago! On 26th June 2015 our Journey starts ……..Packed our bags, reached Nampally Station had a few puffs as it was banned during the trek. Boarded the train at 8 40PM, had some fun time with my people and reached Karjat by 11AM

Ready For the Trek!

At Karjat, we had our lunch early as it was a 7 kms steep(climbup) trek towards Rajmachi village. Before the Trek, the group(HTC) made us to introduce ourself’s so that our relation throughout the trek goes friendly instead of being strangers 😀

We started the trek at 1PM and took about 5 hours to reach Rajmachi village. The path towards the village was totally Steepy with beautiful waterfalls, sceneries, greenery and friendly talks. After a half way towards the village you will find Kondana Caves. These Caves by the way, are a National Monument and it’s easy to say why. Carved almost whole out of a rock at a time when the tools were extinct , the details on the rocks are mind blowing and are written in a wooden pattern. iMessage on PC says that, this cave group has 16 Buddhist caves. These caves were excavated in first century B.C. Although some of the caves are now lost to an earthquake in the 19th century and the main opening in itself is a outstanding sight. Standing right under the waterfall, which by the way can pummel you like a brick if you stand too long.



This was our first long way trek and we were completely exhausted till we reached Kondana caves. We rested for some time and had some snacks and rushed to start the trek again towards Rajmachi village before the lights are off!

At 6 30PM we finally reached the village and our organizers already arranged our accommodation. we are completely exhausted and each of us badly wanted a hot shower but, for your info this was not a luxury trip and decided to adjust the things till we reach our homes safely!



In the Night, we tried to lit the campfire but due to moisture and the wind we were unable to make it as success! Though we didn’t had a campfire we enjoyed some funtime’s with the other members of the group till the dinner was ready. Then comes the dinner part, it was some maharashtrain dish and we had to eat it to keep our butterflies calm 😛

Wake up call at 4AM, had some refreshments and started the trek to Rajmachi Fort at 4 30AM. It took 40 minutes till we reach the top of the fort due to the steepy path and that sight before the sunrise was mind blowing and astonishing! I was lil bit a phobiac of the heights for the first then i got used to it! Clicked more than 50 selfies on the topmost point with my people. We weren’t that lucky to see the amazing sights because of the clouds in this monsoon, they were soo disturbing the view.






Till 7AM we enjoyed the place and went back to the village. Wait!……………..I forgot to tell something before, After reaching the village for more than 5 hours of trek me and my friends’s were totally exhausted and had severe body pains at Night.

The Itenary was to Trek towards Lonavla and it was about 15kms to reach the station. Plot twist! we needed to reach the station by 2 30PM. It’s impossible to trek towards lonavla and reach the station within time. So Organizers decided to choose the same way back (Karjat route) but with our body pains we didn’t wanted to trek that route. Somehow we go to know that there were taxi’s to lonavla! But in this rainy season we cannot board the taxi at the village and had to walk around 8kms to board it.


The route towards Karjat is 7kms with heavy rocks, waterfalls and slippery ways. And the route towards Lonavla is 15kms with normal mud roads. And we had an option to board the train anywhere within the time as the train routes were like Mumbai -> Karjat -> Lonavla ->PuneJN ->HYD.

So we asked our organizer! Can me and few friends (total 6 members) trek towards lonavla and reach the station instead of the route towards karjat? First he said NO! As we were completely blank about the route towards lonavla. But upon our request he agreed it and now we 6 are on our OWN WAY! Our group was totally 13 members and only 6 of us wanted to trek towards lonavla and board the taxi.

We booked the taxi before we start from the village, and asked the locals for the route towards lonavla! But out boarding point was at “Jambli Phata”. 

We Started at 9AM and had to reach by 2PM before the trains arrives the station at lonavla. We had no idea when we will reach the station and was bit tensed that we will be on time or not! Though we made a stupid decision it was too adventurous to find the routes and to keep up a hope that we will reach the boarding point.

We were walking……..walking……walking…… upto 8 kms and suddenly we lost the signal when we thought that we reached our boarding point(but actually we didn’t reach it yet) . It was around 11AM, we were still walking listening to Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Minutes pass by and we don’t see Jambli Phata to our sights but a Guy walking around being tensed. I went near him and asked How much distance for Jambli Phata? he said, did you guys rent a taxi? I said Yes! He said – I am the taxi driver! That moment my exhausted spirits raised up and shouted back towards my friends that the driver has arrived and finally we reached the boarding point. It was a crazy moment for us!

"We were the 6 Members"
“We were the 6 Members”

We boarded the taxi, reached  lonavla station by 12PM before the other guys at Karjat!! We were very happy the we didnt miss our train and to our surprise the train was at 3:15 PM. Till that time we had our lunch in a South Indian Hotel. Food was too amazing there at a reasonable price!

After that, we reached the station again, refreshed our self’s , took a nap in the waiting room and boarded the train towards Hyderabad at 3:15PM. This trek was a pain in the ass at starting but it’s worth being with the nature! I thank HTC for making it a Success

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And Events at Meetup

This is my complete travel tale on” Trek to Rajmachi Fort” 😀 . More Adventures and Experiences are yet to Come!! Stay Subscribed to my Blog.

Trekking at Rajmachi Fort Pune

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