Ram Ki Bandi is a Food Truck opp to Karachi Bakery, Nampally, Hyderabad who are specialist in making different varieties of DOSA. People often come here to eat mainly for DOSA, the taste is delicious and i am sure you will eat atleast 2 or 3 dosa’s per visit! i have seen some food lovers coming from other states just to have this dosa , they might be very enthusiastic about the tastes. And its 100% Vegetarian Food !

Directions to Ram Ki Bandi

Note: These are the Directions to Karachi Bakery,Nampally! You will find Ram Ki Bandi Opp of this bakery as this food court doesn’t have official check in Maps so i need to post like this!


Different Varieties of DOSA

1. Butter Dosa
2. Cheese Dosa
3. Masala Dosa
4. Butter and Cheese Dosa
5. Paneer Dosa
6. Cheese ans Paneer Dosa
7. Paneer and Butter Dosa

Taste Experience at Ram Ki Bandi

The taste is too awesome that i cannot express it in words! Not only me, this Dosa point (Ram Ki Bandi) is recommended by thousands of people from Hyderabad and other neighboring states too. The dosa is folded and chopped like a Quesadilla. Not as fun as ripping pieces off of a large roll, but extremely efficient for dipping. The coconut chutney was perfectly creamy with a hint of spice. You don’t have to be a Vegetarian to appreciate all the amazing flavors packed into these dosa’s. They also provide Butter Idly but only few people like to eat them. The main recipe  at this point is dosa!

Image Courtesy: Sankalp Vishnu


The price of the Each Dosa’s starts from Rs.60 – Rs.80 and I recommend you to fill your pockets and visit the place so that you won’t regret eating other dosa’s. 🙂


Ram Ki Bandi is open from 3 AM in the morning the gets closed by 8 AM. So if you want to have this dosa you need to either get up early in the morning or should do a night out.

How Did I Find This Place

Last Year, I had to make a surprise bday for a close  friend and as usually we made him cut the cake by 12 AM and the surprise was over. But that night we didn’t want to go home and wanted to spend some time on the roads of Hyderabad! One of my friend started recommending this place as he heard a lot about the place but never been to it! Immediately we rode our bikes to the spot and guess what i saw ? :O

I never expected a small Dosa Bandi to have such crowd at midnight and every one is eager to have the Dosa. Finally somehow we managed to get the order asap and had it! Seriously the taste is too delicious and amazing. Still when i find time we go to this place at weekends. If you are from Hyderabad I DAMN recommend you to check In to this place, or else you will regret it for sure.

Reviews by Popular Websites:

Zomato – 4.2/5
Foursquare – 7.3/10

More Photos of Ram Ki Bandi

Image Courtesy: Sankalp Vishnu
Image Courtesy: Sankalp Vishnu
Image Courtesy: Sankalp Vishnu


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