Hi friends, Today i want to share some interesting news with you and i am so exited to tell it. The thing is we launched our first short film “The Psycho” with our own banner name called ASAAP Productions.

Please do watch the movie and tell us your opinion via comments on the video or you can comment here below.

How did you get the idea to take a short film?

Actually we (ASAAP Team) thought to make a short film before few months and in the mean time we were thinking about the script but the mid exams and others situations in college lagged us to make it.

Suddenly all met our ASAAP team met in  one of our friends house and started chit chating about college friends and personal matters, and the next minute one of my friend reminded about the short film and we are such dumb that we forgot to make the short film and all of a sudden we started to make a trial shoot.

I being the camera person gave some intustions to the characters in the film and took the Iphone and clicked on the Record button. Thats it!!

I dont know how my friend (Abhinav) got the dialogues because we didn’t plan anything and he was getting the dialogues automatically in that scenario and we didn’t stop him and made him continue and my other two friends (chanakya and akshay) friends were also involved in their characters!!

One interesting and shocking thing is ” The whole movie was short in 30 min with iphone 4s and in single take expect the last climax”.

After the shots we edited some scenes where my friend(pramod) helped me a lot! Finally after two days of making the film we finally released our short film on youtube!! i think by this time you watched our first trail short film , if not please visit the above link and watch it!!

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This was my personal view which i wanted to share it with the world!!


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