Yes! It’s been a long time since I haven’t scribbled a post and it’s because I’ve started my own youtube channel called Weekend Backpacker. It’s about Travelling, Being adventurous, Backpacking, Eating Food and Exploring the People.

A week back I was in Mumbai and it was my first time there, being a Deccan citizen has always craved me for beaches, Mumbai Rains, the people, delicious & traditional Mumbaikar’s food and Big-Big historic monuments. So, this blog is all about ” My First Trip to Mumbai “

We started in the night and it was a 12hour sleeper bus transport to Mumbai.  If you have read the prev sentence again I mentioned WE and those are my fellow idiots Smithesh and Nilesh. Aren’t those names feel the rhythm to you. Yes, I feel the same.

bus transport to mumbai

It was 11:00 PM and we started to Mumbai from Hyderabad. I was all thrilled to visit there as I heard a lot of stories in Mumbai being the busiest city in India, was thrilled to experience the Mumbai Local Trains, of course, the Vada-Pav and other Pav items :P. Such thoughts were keeping me thrilled and adventurous one way. In the other way the bus journey was boring as it was about a 12-hour ride and after some time, I fell asleep after listening to a lullaby.

We Reached Sion by 11:00 AM and my friend have a house in Mumbai so we hit the local train and reached Dombivili. “Dombivili” is the place where my friend owns a house. We were totally hungry when we reached Sion, butterflies were flying in my stomach. We decided to go at a restaurant and directly have some lunch before reaching Dombivili.  There come’s by first special dish “Bombay Duck Fish” which was so delicious and perfect, the fish in Bombay tasted very good than Hyderabad. I was in love with this dish.

Bombay Duck in Mumbai

Then we took a Fast Local Train to reach Dombivili from Sion. It took us 1 hour to reach but the first time local train experience in Mumbai was not very good. It was completely crowded, everyone was pushing each other, you may also observe the people traveling in the local train would hold the bags in the front. And you automatically get down at your station because people will be pushing you to get down.  I asked my friend the reason behind it, he laughingly said – dude its Mumbai. Time is Money and without money, you cannot stay in Mumbai 😀

We reached his house, had few power naps, got freshened up and reached the Gateway of India at 5:00 PM. My total Mumbai transportation was local trains, rickshaws and taxi’s and without them it impossible to reach from one corner to other.

Taj Hotel in Mumbai

The gateway of India by the beach was tremendous,  it was built when Queen Victoria came to India during the British Rules in the 20th century. Besides this, there is the famous Taj Hotel which was a victim in the Mumbai blasts and the new one is built beside the old one. We took some pictures at the place, took the taxi and reached Marine drive to watch the beach in the night. It was crowded with couples and I see most of them doing their workouts at the marine drive, it’s really good to have the fresh air when your workout.

After that, we headed over the Sealink towards Bandra which was amazing to experience in the night. The sealink is about 15 mins journey which covers a 3-hour usual road.  This is my first experience with a sealink 😀 and it was pretty amazing. Then we visited “Mannat” though not being a fan of him and had a long walk at the beach in Bandra and watched over the rich people bungalows.

Marine drive In Mumbai

It was 10:00 PM and we were hungry by the time so we decided to go Colaba and do some clubbing for the night so we asked Zomato for the best one and its suggested to hit the “Colaba Social”.  It didn’t have a dance floor but it was the happening place with the best taste in music. This place was quite impressive to me and the service was awesome. We ordered some drinks…………..!  One down…..Two down and I was down. My Cute little friend took me home from Colaba to Dombivili and by this, the Day 1 completes in Mumbai.


Due to some amazing response on the blogs, I wanted to start video blogging so I released a youtube channel named Weekend Backpacker. Here is a Mumbai Trip Vlog –


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