The Night before I slept something strange & funny incident happened to me! And I learnt a very good lesson from it. and Please Do Not try this at Home ๐Ÿ˜›

dont-try-this-at-homeI was very hungry, craving for food and within that i was little tired doing my works, i couldn’t stop feeding my appetite and bought some snacks to eat. I was eating them like a man who haven’t had food after 7 days of empty stomach.

During this some of the leftovers fell over the laptop’s keypad and i forgot to clean it up! Due to my laziness i completely lost my hard drive consisting all my personal documents and memories that i had from the childhood. It was a very disappointing moment and due to my mistake things went wrong and i lost something that is precious to me. :/

Now you may be getting a doubt that how did i lost my hard drive? that night an army of occidental tourists attacked my lappy which had some leftovers, when i opened the lid in the morning the keypad was under the rule of ants and they were playing maze games in the keypad! I was shocked at the moment and immediately i turned it downwards and hit it hard until all the ants fell over the desk.

get rid of ants

Here comes the fun part, due to the force which i applied all the ants were gone and i was very happy!! But when i switched on the laptop it was saying “operating system error” and my balls got packed with this three word horrifying statement.

hard-driveNext minute i dismantled my laptop to see if there are any damages done by ants. Surprisingly there were no such things happened but still the message appeared when i turned on my laptop. When i was finding the reason!! ย I realized that due to the force ย which ย I applied to get rid of the bloody ants the hard drive failed to work because it is very sensitive. ย And I completely lost my data ! I also verified it by checking with other pc’s but still the same message appears which i install my hard drive.

This was my mistake because of being lazy and not concerned about things. One more thing to say, I am sad because i lost my data, not because of the hard drive!!

And I am writing this post because to let the people know that laziness leads to mistakes and the solutions to get rid of ants.

Now I am trying to recover the hard drive and the data that is lost with a premium service! After this Incident I researched over the internet for the solutions to get rid of ants from laptop keypad. Here’s the Best Solutions I found ๐Ÿ˜›

Getting Rid of Laptop Ants – a great article from theย fertile forestย hub pages.

Some Other Solutions –

Vacuum Cleaner
If there are just a few ants hidden in and around the keys a vacuum cleaner may well be able to suck them out. It is sometimes a good idea to stretch a cut-off section of an old pair of nylon stockings over the end of the vacuum tube to prevent any loose keys from getting sucked up into the vacuum bag.

Dismantle and clean
If the infestation is quite bad you will have to dismantle the laptop and clean it thoroughly. A soft paintbrush can be used to coax the ants out of corners and from in between IC pins etc. Take care when doing this to keep track of all the screws and components, and wear an anti-static wrist strap at all times.

Hair Blower
A hair blower would work more better, but you have to dismantle the keypad from the laptop. So be careful in doing this part.

Laptop In a Box
Get an empty box of any type that fits your laptop, get an insecticide spray and a laptop containing ants. Put the laptop in the box and spray with the insecticide spray around the laptop. Quickly cover the box for it to work effectively. Open about 30 minutes time and all the ants in it will die, after all these you can spray with a perfume around the laptop, maybe you might not like the scent of the insecticide spray.

Misc Solutions
1. If you have the time, or don’t mind using the laptop for a while. You can just seal the laptop in a ziploc bag or with plastic wrap for a couple of days. The lack of food and/or oxygen will kill them off. I suggest you take off the battery but it should be fine leaving it there.This might mean you’ll have dead ants left in your laptop after shaking the rest off, but at least they wont be bothering you again – unless they’re the type that haunts people from the grave.

2.ย What i do is put some sugar near my laptop on the table to attract ants from the lap top. Then I draw lines around sugar using cocroach killing chalks. It will kill them all. Kinda weird but it works.

Hope this would help you and more articles are coming on its way as i completed with my 3-1 examinations. Till then, Adios!

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