Who is Prajwal Acharya?

Prajwal Acharya is a great person with many talents but to be specific his interests are more towards drawing and painting. Yes! He is a Great Artist and he is from Bangalore, Karnataka, India :D.

I am a big fan of his arts & stuff’s and there are many fans out there who want to know more about him! So being a blogger i couldn’t resist asking him for an Interview. I know he must be having a busy schedule but i still pinged him a lot. Finally on a fine day with gods grace 🙂 he gives me out few minutes to answer my questions below. Lets check out what are they,

How did you get to know that this was your Passion?

Prajwal: Well…it wasn’t passion from the beginning.. It started as a hobby and started at a very early age. Then slowly it became more than just a hobby…it was only few years back I realized that this is who i am this is what i wanna do for the rest of my life. Create art ! Happens when your hobby turns into an obsession.

Me: That’s Awesome bro! and that’s true to keep up your passion until it becomes a profession or an obsession.

How many Sketches/Drawings/Painting have you done?

(May not me Exact but can be a wild guess)

Prajwal: Whoa i have no idea man!! As i told i started sketching when i was like 10 or 12 yrs old!! But portraits i think i started in high school, So if  i’m  allowed to count every art work i’ve created! so far then may be close to 500 or even more..

Me: 500 ! that’s really cool …… btw it doesn’t matter how many you have done but how worthy they are and how you enjoy doing your work, that’s how it becomes more interesting and cooler.

What Do you do for Living?

Prajwal: I work at L&T as a Mechanical Design Engineer. Been 3 years now!

Me: Being a Great Artist why didn’t you choose it as profession?

Prajwal: Because i honestly believe that i am not a great artist yet!! And till i finished my engineering i wasn’t so passionate about art. But it was too late. I was standing on two boats had to choose one wisely as a career..So chose to be an engineer. Still got the other boat hooked up though 😉

Me: That was brilliant.!!

Prajwal: The other boat is like The Black Pearl for Jack sparrow. I will be its captain soon.

Me: Aye Aye Captain. 😀

Your Best Sketch /Drawing/Painting?

Prajwal: ahh… that’s a tough one!! As i’m still learning everyday.. Every new work i do i feel there’s an improvement and i love it!!! So from my recent works i think i’m in love with the wall art  which i’m doing in my room. Which is still not completed though. But i like it because i always dream’t of painting something on such big scale.

I still suck at painting landscapes And I show no mercy on my brushes….! 😛

Me: All your arts are just Superb!

Prajwal: Thank you!

Me: My Family having few great artists, i never had much interest in that i wish i could also draw like you.

Prajwal: I studied electronics for two years and engineering for 4 years. I don’t have any formal training in art except for few summer camps in school. If i can draw…Anyone can

Me: ABCD….. any body can draw !

Prajwal: Exactly, All you need is some patience and a lot of practice!

What are your upcoming surprises to your fans?

Prajwal: Game of thrones artworks, Once I’m done with the free project i’m thinking to go to the next level. Will start painting on big canvases again..and hopefully build some collection to be able to put up my first show by this year end

Me: oh… that’s a great thought.. i am a big fan of that tv show! did you try to showcase your arts anytime, anywhere ?

Prajwal: Once in my college I did…But never a proper show for public!! Two of my paintings were featured in an event though. It happened in your city. I’m still in 3rd season!

Me: Wow! my city is a good place to showcase such passions.  Haha… And One Request From My Side and also from your followers Can you make a Video Tour of your Room explain about the things you use , your favorite position and that stuff! I Would be very Thankful for this!

Prajwal: I am busy this weekend Aditya… But yeah i will surely fulfill your request 🙂

Me: Thank you so much!!! 😀

Most of your fans/followers are with the same passion as yours! What tips and techniques you want to tell them?

Prajwal: Firstly i’d say to be patient. What most of the people do is they try a couple of times and give up. I have done some horrible sketches in the past..No proportions no shapes at all. Van Gogh din’t know he could paint until the last few years of his life and you just need to follow few basic techniques..like the measurements and proportions, after that you can choose whatever you are comfortable with and whatever technique you enjoy!!

Me: Oh.. didnt know that, i hope your fans would be excited by now!

What is you most used Art Medium ?

Prajwal: Mostly Pencil !! been obsessed with pencils. I started painting only 2years ago and I’m in love with acrylics no doubt but pencils would be my all time favorite.

What style you prefer the most ?

Prajwal: Depends…If i have more time to spend on it..then acrylic painting. If i need to be quick or if i just want to put a thought out..then Sketching and Portraiture is my style.

Your Inspirations?

Prajwal: So far…My inspirations has been movie characters..fantasy and comic characters.. but there are times when i just meet someone..could be anyone..a stranger..a friend..a chaiwalla.. Suddenly i get this feeling of sketching them!

Whats your view on the World?

Prajwal: Its crazy !! Filled with insane crazy people…

Me: Haha.. Hell Yeah!

Prajwal: But we must feel lucky that we got a place here to live!!

Can art change a person’s outlook ?

Prajwal: Very much!! you go deep inside and come out as a different person on the other side.

Art is like a cacoon

Me: Okay, Its’ already late and i think you need to go by now! We will end up with a last question 🙂

What are your hobbies other than drawing?

Prajwal: The next serious hobby i have is Photography. I used to Dance (Check out Prajwal’s Dance ..But not anymore!

Me: Hmm… you forgot something to tell,  Travelling! Before this interview i have done some research on you 🙂

Prajwal: oh i love to travel!! Just don’t wanna call it as a hobby !!

Me: woah!

Prajwal: I get inspired by traveling..not just to paint but to live!!

Me: Another Great Line 🙂 ….. I Hope by now your fans/followers will acknowledge many things about you by this interview. Thank you so much for having your time with me and reaching out to your fans/followers!

Check Out Prajwal’s Art Page! Want to Contact Him? or Want to Check his drawings, paintings and commercial works?  Go to

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