Comic ConWhat is Comic Con?

Comic Con is a multigenre entertainment convention held once in a year for comic book lovers.  People across the globe come here with their interest to meet their popular arts and participate in the cosplay. Its a four day event and will showcase all the entertainment programs, release new comic books and some special skills in arts etc…

There are many comic con events that go live in each country but the main event or the international convention goes live in  San Diego, Calfornia, West Coast United States.

This International event is named as San Diego Comic Con International.  This gathering of comic lovers started in late 70’s and now its a huge mad house of comic lovers nearly a million people come to this convention every year. And it’s one of the world’s largest conventions.

Why is it called San Diego Comic Con and not just Comic Con?

The convention was founded in 1970 by Shel Dorf, Richard Alf, Ken Krueger, Mike Towry, and Greg Bear.  Detroit, Michigan-born comics fan Shel Dorf, had in the mid-1960’s mounted the Detroit Triple-Fan Fairs, one of the first commercial comics-fan conventions.
After that! When he moved to San Diego, California in 1970, he organized a one-day convention (Golden State Comic-Minicon) on March 21, 1970 “as a kind of ‘dry run’ for the larger convention he hoped to stage.” Dorf went on to be associated with the convention as president or manager, variously, for years until becoming estranged from the organization. Richard Alf co-chaired the first convention with Krueger and became chairman in 1971. At starting there were only 300 attendees to the convention and comparing it to the present state, now its a hell mad house of comic lovers and cosplayers. Over 1 million people come to this event to meet their popular characters and to win the best cosplay title!

Who are Cosplayers?

Cosplayers  is a short term for the word costume players, it is a hobby in which participants called cosplayers, wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character or idea that is usually identified with a unique name. Can be anything and it depends on your interest and dedication, there’s a lot of hands-on experience for people interested in the popular arts and these things might help you to win the Cosplay Competition at the convention.


General Atmosphere at Comic-Con International 2013

Facts about Comic Con

1. For many years our advertising was limited to comic book shops, specialty shops, hobby clubs.
2. At Starting there were only 300 attendees.
3. The first official San Diego Comic-Con was a three-day event held from August 1 to 3, 1970.
4. In 1979, $12,000 in receipts was stolen from the Comic-Con International Treasurer’s home. As a result, the organization behind Comic-Con had to ask fans for donations to pay off the debt.
5. The last day of San Diego Comic-Con is Kids Day, which features film festivals, events, and activities solely for children ages 12 and younger (who get into the convention for free with a paid adult admission).
6. Comic-Con International: San Diego generates an estimated $165 million each year in revenue for the city of San Diego.
7. In 2008, San Diego Comic-Con sold out all days and passes for the first time in the long-running convention’s history.

First Invitation Of San Diego Comic Con,

Invitation Image Credits: Comic Con Memories

History about the Logo


On the left is 1970’s Shel Dorf-designed logo for “San Diego’s Golden State Comic-Con” the first year of the event. By 1972, the name had changed slightly to “San Diego’s West Coast Comic-Con.” Note that both logos stress the core coverage of the event, even to this day: “Comic Art,” “Films,” and “Science Fiction.” 





After that there were been many changes to the comic con events every ear until, In 1995!  graphic designer Richard Bruning developed and created Comic-Con International’s iconic “eye” logo.

comic-con_logoLogo Images Credits: Comic Con Organization

Comic Con International 2014 is going to be live within few days and the event is scheduled on  from July 24th- 27th. You can check the complete schedule of this event.

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So now, i hope you got an idea what is comic con and what happens in it! Now i want to share my experience over my visit to Comic Con India. that was held in Hyderabad last year.

It was my first time at Comic Con India and i was very eager to enter inside the convention when i was standing at the gate!! Every one around me wore the costumes of my favorite characters and i was very eager to take pictures with them. So of the so called Cosplays are really dedicated and just look like the same character in the comic book.  The event was for 2 days and i enjoyed a lot and got acknowledged by the showcases there. Then I got to know about Hyderabad comic fans and talented or skilled artist who are amazing and excellent. With this as inspiration i got a Facepaint of “The Joker” from my bestiee and got first prizes at some other events in colleges.

And the good news is Comic Con Express is conducting a event again in Hyderabad this year. The dates are scheduled to be OCT 10th – 12th 2014 for more info Check out ComicCon India.

Comic Con Hyderabad
At Comic Con Hyderabad


the joker
“The Joker” at Facepainting Competetion

Are you a first time visitor to Comic Con International the you must read this article to know what’s coming ahead! For More Updates Stay Tuned 🙂

Mission Dhed Lakh Ghar is yet to release by the End of the Month!! 

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