From the myths and mists of angels and demons, some of the things about demons make me believe them are true, though I never had seen a ghost or demon. I completely believe about them because most of my friends and family discuss about real incidents and real experiences to them. So I have been very fascinating to believe in these incidents and been reading a lot of haunted stories when I have time, and this makes me to research, write and tell about them who were been a BIG myth to all over the world. Below tales are some real incidents and stories, many people have been injured and taken for mental treatments. With these tales Indian Film Industry has been taking its advantage and making movies to show the scenarios happened to the victims and making a lot of money and fame. ย Some of the movies like.. Rajini MMS, Rajini MMS 2, Villa, Horror Story etc .. Are you fascinated about these stories or it makes you feel the thrill while reading ? Are you and adventurer who want to research and experience it ? Then no need researching, I had made a lot of research and put the true one’s the only thing is you need to visit and experience If you want to! If you really visit so then we really appreciate it and want to know the feedback.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

People say that this on of the most haunted places in India, so this one goes to my top list for haunted places in India Story Behind this place: The local people say that the entire place was vacated overnight due to a curse. They also say that as per the curse the city will disappear and if at all it is discovered, there will be no remains of the place except for the temples. The second part of the story leads to some support to the myth. The entire place has nothing but ruins, or rather attractive ruins. However, the place is full of temples. Most of the temples belong to Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is said to save people from Ghosts and evil Spirits. As per the legend, the princess of Bhangarh was a match to none in beauty to any other woman in the place. There were several marriage offers coming in for her, when one tantrik (evil magician) spotted her. He was so enchanted by her beauty that he wanted to possess her at any cost. Following the princess, one day he went to the local market where the servant of the princess was buying perfumes. Taking advantage of the princess absence around the servant, he poured some magical lotion into the perfume bottles. The effect of the lotion was supposed to draw the princess to the tantrik as soon as she applies it. However, someone saw this and informed the princess who broke the bottle. This acted as a reverse effect and hurt the tantrik who as a revenge, cursed the entire place saying the place will no more be existent and all the residents will die. This happened and the princess too died. Till date there are several related myths related to the story. I have also found that many government officials and military officers have failed to set a camp and patrol the place, because of the fear to the mysterious stories and beliefs. Paranormal Activities: Some adventurers have visited this place at midnight to experience the thrill and wanted to show the world that there are no ghosts and demons in this place. ย Is the story fascinating? Check out this clear explanation on why this place has become the most haunted place in India, Story of Bhangarh Fort. Here is the video.

Raj Kiran Hotel, Mumbai

It is a place in Mumbai, nearly 100kms away from Mumbai. Reports have been shown that haunted activities have been found in a particular room where people said that they have experienced things like a sudden change in the room temperature, and sudden silence with strange things happening and even some scary things like ghosts pulling of their bed sheets. Many paranormal experts have experienced this place and reported the activities and presence of the ghost might be true. This says that the existence of ghost are real ! Though I could not find what the story behind it is but I was able to gather this much of information. If any one of you reading this knows the story behind this incident, then please contact me or comment below. Aย Pictures of Raj Kiran hotel


Kurseong Dow-Hill, West Bengal

It is a beautiful hill station in Darjeeling, and due to the increase in the visitor activity the rumors being spread with haunted stories. It is reported to be a center for paranormal activities and several accidents have taken place. The Victoria Boys High School is believed to be the place where the spirits reside. Local residents say, sound of footsteps emanating from the school can be heard even when the school is closed for the three long months from December to March (due to winter season) . Some reports say that, some woodcutters have seen a headless boy following them and when they notice this, he runs into the woods and gets disappeared. Some also committed suicide by knowing that they were been followed by this apparition. These might be stories or may be the truth. We don’t know until someone shows us with a proof or until we experience it.

Paranormal Activities:

Dumas Beach, Gujarat

It is a beach in Gujarat where people burn dead bodies! It is reported that many scary spirits reside at this place and have been seen many paranormal activities. People near the beach don’t stay so long in this beach. Many locals have complained to have heard weird voices while walking along the beach. Some tourists have been known to have disappeared while taking walks on the beach at night. Some unknown sciences say that Dogs can see spirits and there has been a complaint that, the dogs in the beach always bark at nights. This might be the clue for the existence of ghosts.

These are some most haunted places in India which you should never visit if you are a believer of ghosts and demons. I believe in ghosts because of their rumors but I will not believe completely until I really experience it. Hope they read this and make my wish true! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Raj Kiran Hotel, Mumbai
    Reports of bed sheets being pulled off and continue to be pulled even after the guest is woken up. This room is in the corner and at the backside of the reception on the ground floor itself.

  2. bhangarh and ajafgarh both are haunted places , but most beautiful as well
    Ajafgarh & Bhangarh fort is situated in alwar district of rajahsthan
    I belong form Alwar.
    I would like to recommend these places to visit in rainy season

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