Are you searching for the best quality soundtracks for films or short films ?? Tired of searching the right tracks for your shot or problems with copyrights? I have a solution to your problem.

I have a good collection of free soundtracks for films available for you to download.  These tracks are made by Abhishek Kulkarni, all credits goes to him!

You can download these tracks for FREE, i have requested Abhishek to keep them for free! So, hurry up editors, sound editors and other people. 🙂

Now, I Present you his Work /Portfolio –

1. Trance in Action
This is one of my favorites, i listen it whenever i do some shitty things! i hope you know what i mean !!  Can be used as a background soundtrack for making tutorials or intro’s !

2. Rejoyce
Rejoyce is a pleasant background track and can be used in love short films or other videos.

3. Klassic funk
This background tracks is a mix of both classic and funky music type.

4. Love Rift
Love Rift track sounds a revenge kinda feel, achieving a goal!

5. Heartbeat
Heartbeat track is slow and sad music track.

6. Hard Beat
Hard beat is a mix metal intrutument or a metal soundtrack.

7. Aventador
A crazy soundtrack by Abhishek.

8. TechKnights
This is a Official Track for Techknights

9. Akrot

10. AuBduB

11. Titans

Aren’t the tracks cool ? If you want to make a soundtrack from scratch then you can Contact him at Facebook.

I don’t really know he’s gonna become a music director or not, but i can say that his passion of making soundtracks never ends. These Tracks can be downloaded from Soundcloud for free and if you have any problems for downloading then  leave a comment with your mail id!! I will be helping you 🙂

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