Are you searching for the best quality soundtracks for films or short films ?? Tired of searching the right tracks for your shot or problems with copyrights? I have a solution to your problem.

I have a good collection of free soundtracks for films available for you to download. ย These tracks are made by Abhishek Kulkarni, all credits goes to him!

You can download these tracks for FREE, i have requested Abhishek to keep them for free! So, hurry up editors, sound editors and other people. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, I Present you his Work /Portfolio –

1. Trance in Action
This is one of my favorites, i listen it whenever i do some shitty things! i hope you know what i mean !! ย Can be used as a background soundtrack for making tutorials or intro’s !

2. Rejoyce
Rejoyce is a pleasant background track and can be used in love short films or other videos.

3. Klassic funk
This background tracks is a mix of both classic and funky music type.

4. Love Rift
Love Rift track sounds a revenge kinda feel, achieving a goal!

5. Heartbeat
Heartbeat track is slow and sad music track.

6. Hard Beat
Hard beat is a mix metal intrutument or a metal soundtrack.

7. Aventador
A crazy soundtrack by Abhishek.

8. TechKnights
This is a Official Track for Techknights

9. Akrot

10. AuBduB

11. Titans

Aren’t the tracks cool ?ย If you want to make a soundtrack from scratch then you can Contact him at Facebook.

I don’t really know he’s gonna become a music director or not, but i can say that his passion of making soundtracks never ends. These Tracks can be downloaded from Soundcloud for free and if you have any problems for downloading then ย leave a comment with your mail id!! I will be helping you ๐Ÿ™‚

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