There are many bands, many artists and many shows performing each day and each minute but today I want to share about two people whose growth was extraordinary since few months and I have been watching them since their beginning.

One with the Guitar and other with Cajon they rock the stage and mesmerize the night with their Bollywood mashups :D. I am a big fan of these guys and I have seen people being crazy about their show and they do have their loyal fans who attend the show wherever it is to just enjoy their performance. And this is the band from Hyderabad who is extremely growing fast and being a great competition to the other bands in the city.

If you are in the City (Hyderabad) and want to experience a Bollywood Extravaganza…. trust me their show is the best one in the towns Check out their Performance at Air Sbbaro last week –

There is much more fun when you experience them in LIVE so what are you waiting for? Check out their Next Show and just step into the mesmerizing party 😀

If you have ever bumped to their show and bumped into this article after the show, then do comment down your experience in the comments section below 😀

Band Name – Ashwin & Benji

Places Performed –
Air Live, Air Sbbaro, Amnesia, Karma, Raasta, Stone Waters, CIBO House …

Artists Profiles –

Ashwin –
Benji –

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