It’s been a long time since i scribbled. My Apologies! to keep my readers waiting for so long as i’ve been busy with some other to do’s that naturally occur for every engineering student. But there’s one thing to confess to my readers, the kundanbagh haunted house story was solved by me & a couple of my friends. I had to completely remove that post from my blog due to the nuisance created at the venue by some students who have read my article. Then the owner of the house requested me to remove the article as they were undergoing many problems by some problematic readers of my blog. That was the time when a journalist had taken an interest reading my blog, took an interview and drafted about my research in the DC.

After being Published in the Deccan Chronicle Newspaper many people were interested to come on board to solve this mystery as i wasn’t up for anything wrong and am trying to educate the people in the society. I could only choose few brave hearts to start my research in the month of July 2014 for the mysterious Dhed Lakh Ghar.

As they were many stories on the internet saying that this house has been haunted for about 40 years from now and reading up those blogs challenged my blood to visit the house as soon as possible. Before visiting the house, i took a decision to know about the true story first and then step into the house without any trespassing issues.  In this research of mine i had a chance to meet the Owners Son (Babu Rao). I really appreciate Sam Yutha  (DC Journalist) for helping me out to connect with him.

I came to know many things about the house after meeting the Ex Owner’s (Laxman) Son (Babu Rao).  Mr. Babu Rao was quite a good man without any hesitation and attitude he has answered all my questions which were poking me from the beginning of my research. Took an Interview of him and gathered all the information to step into Dhed Lakh Ghar. And The Story In my previous article turned out to be true. Before I puke out the mystery behind the Dhed Lakh Ghar, i want you to keep a note of these questions as we will be going in sequence for a better understanding.

Why has it got all that attention?
Why is it still a left alone Bungalow?
Why isn’t it Demolished?

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To know all of these you need to know a little bit about Laxman and his Sons/Daughters. Laxman is the owner of the house and built it by spending 1 and half lakh  about 40 years ago and was very happy with it. This was a huge amount at that time followed by being the richest building in that area. Thus it was named as “Dhed Lakh Ghar” (origination of the house name). The owner had 2 daughters and 3 sons. Everything was alright until they entered into the house. At the day of Gruhapravesham his wife was dead due to heart attack before entering into the house and with this the owner left the house due to depression and later made this house for lease.

His Wife passed away due to some health problems while they were in that house and the story that TV9 made up on his wife was a false one!! Babu Rao clearly stated that tv9 often make up stories of their own related to this house! The days Babu Rao (Laxman’s Son) spent in that house were the most memorable days being the richest family living in a  fancy  bungalow named as Dhed Lakh Ghar. With Laxman Rao’s wife passing away – being  devasted by her death he decided to move towards the outskirts of Hyderabad and put the bungalow for rent.  Everything was going fine until the first incident happened in that house, babu rao still remembers the names of the people who’ve lived in that house for rent and have died suiciding.

Dhed Lakh Ghar Mystery

First, 2nd and 3rd Incident

A good family took over this house for lease! Things were normal for few days but suddenly the housewife committed suicide by burning herself to death. And the same happened with the Other two families – as Babu Rao Confessed about the happenings to me.  To figure out the other two incidents read – Incidents of Dhed Lakh Ghar


After what happened Laxman was suffering from severe health problems, being the only head in the house who knew about the documents of Dhed Lakh Ghar – Suddenly passed away. With that his children could not claim that it is their legal house.  So they decided to leave the house as Babu Rao’s brothers and sisters had a need to be settled first, that’s how they didn’t  bother about the house! After they moved to their new rented house they never stepped into this house(Dhed Lakh Ghar)!

Since there were no legal inheritance  on who owns the house.

According to you who Among all the brothers and sisters should be the rightful owner of the house?  Any Guesses?

Let me hold the anxiety towards the Conclusion.

Though i have been anticipating what might happen if I did step into that house after all what Mr.Babu Rao has said, yet my guts triggered me to that house. Here comes my personal experience on stepping into that house with babu rao’s permission.

On July 19th 2014 

Apart from me i had my brother and two of my friends who wanted to step into that house and solve the mystery. We started at 11:00pm and reached there by 11:30pm, we parked our vehicle in front of the bungalow and were eagerly waiting for the clock to tick 12:00am. While waiting in front of the bungalow to our surprise a street light right in front of that bungalow flickered to on and off exactly at 00:00 hours. I felt it as coincidence but the others with me were drowned to goosebumps .

Ignoring what just took place outside this mysterious house was difficult but with no choice we took a step of faith got through the gate. But now it was very hard for us to figure out the doorway to enter the house as the ground floor was completely submerged with sand and dust. Not knowing from where to get in, we were left with no choice but follow a walkway. Atlast we found a door in front of us. Crossing my fingers i took a deep breath with positive hopes and opened the door. It was sooooooooooooooo dark & we rolled out the torches. Room after room as we passed by we noticed that all rooms were too dusty and stinky!! With nothing unusual so far, our hearts fell to a normal pump speed. In our wandering we also happened to visit the Mirror’s Room which they used to call it as  (Addhala Meda). The Architecture of the house was extraordinary. A house with an architectural beauty of its own fashion,one like never seen before.

While exploring the rooms………………………………………………………………………………………………….!

Suddenly one of my friend panicking calls unto me asking me to check the room’s temperature. We didn’t have any instant device checker but my friend could feel the difference in the temperature between that room and other rooms. Strange for sure but this is no good evidence to prove anything paranormal happening. The bungalow being an old architecture must have developed many air passing holes that are open to the cool breeze from outside saying this I calmed his worried soul !

Pictures of Us at the Bungalow 

We spent a lot of time to make the conclusion of the story. And these are some pictures at the scene!













Suspense at Conclusion

#Case 1

When the Brothers had to take a decision whether one person shall inherit the house or if it’s to be taken equally among themselves, they  never came up with a conclusion nor take a decision to close the matter till date! The reason behind the house to be a leftover one could be the dispute among the siblings in claiming their ownership with the house.

Since it was a leftover bungalow for years it gradually became a target for all those stories and false rumors to outbreak within no time bar.

#Case 2

Since we are unaware of the reasons behind the suicides or killings in the first place. It can also be assumed this way as, after the brothers left the house in despair  with Laxman’s death and they never stepped back. On hearing the occurrences of deaths, made them believe on the existence of  negative forces in that house. But he exactly could not give us a reason why they didn’t go back to the dhed lakh ghar nor did they find any papers to claim the house as theirs. You guys may have a question – that why didn’t they ask their father for the documents of the house when he was alive!! Babu rao and his siblings were scared of their dad for anything and documents was a far away question ! Meanwhile his death was Tragedy.

We don’t have any clear picture whether  the incidents were mere coincidences or are they a mystery of their own. People around that house took an advantage of these incidents and rumoured adding their own version which was a contrast to the reality. As the days passed by, taking an advantage of its vacancy many people used it as their domain for boozing. Babu Rao has also confessed that a politician is trying to overtake this house with some unknown secrecy. That could be one reason why it has not been demolished Ever since then the house has been registered as Bhoot Bungalow by the Greater Hyderabad.


Till Date the Bungalow was left alone from 40 years.
Till Date the Bungalow was left alone from 40 years.

Hope the conclusions are upto the satisfactory mark. Every feedback would be appreciated and for any queries feel free to email me at Or leave your comments below.


(People who’ve  contributed to my research in every way possible by which am able to post today)
Credits: My Parents, Thrilok Chintha, Sai Chanakya, Ajay Thomala, Pramod Palutla, Dinesh Chaudhary, Abhinav Reddy, Vikram Edikcs, Vinay Manchala , Of Course Sandy Keshavan, all my close friends and few seekers of this story!! A Big Thanks to all of them.




  1. I would like to share one thing that my mom when she was in schooling lived in this bunglow .My grandpa took it for lease and they lived there happily and presently i am staying very close to that bunglow only.

  2. I didn’t understand what did ADITYA resolve here ?
    This useless guy went there and took some pictures and he barely mentioned anything about that house.

    1. hey mo**** er! incase if you dont know how to read then do learn it……. i gave tow wonderful case studies which i call them as research!!! Don’t you dare talk to me in that tone again.

      1. Hey AS****LE ADITYA,

        You really did nothing and solved nothing here except you did publicity stunt.
        I stay near to this house. We really didn’t find anything odd or paranormal in the last ten years.
        The Only problem with this house was all mo**** er’s like ADITYA make some fake propaganda’s, that creates lot nuisance to the near by residents.
        You created similar publicity stunt at Kundanbagh House also, later residents over there faced a lot nuisance.

        1. dude, before commenting on a vulgar tone…..! Mind your words…… and i know what i have solved!!! I don’t care about what you think and never can let me down with such words!! Go get a life first

  3. aditya chintha is a idiot and he made him self hopeless person just for getting attention. i know when he goes to sleep he cry like a baby for peoples attention

  4. Dear All.
    If Aditya Chintha is correct then why he chooses the night time why he did not clean the entrance in the morning in day light hahahha stupid Aditya Chintha he is making fool of us .

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