Update: The Mystery Of Dhed Lakh Has Been Solved!! Tune On to Full Documentary after completion of the rumoured story!

Dhed lakh Ghar is a haunted house located in Hyderabad, there are many rumors spreading about this house and they say that this house has a history of 40 years.

Story of this House:

A person named Laxman is the owner of the house and built this house by spending 1 and half lakh  a 40 years ago. This was very huge amount at that time and this is the richest building in that area. So everyone named it as “Dhed lakh Ghar” , this is how that name originated to the building. The Owner was very happy about the building, he had 2 daughters and 3 sons. Everything was alright until they entered into the house. At the day of Gruhapravesham his wife was dead due to heart attack before entering into the house and with this the owner left the house due to depression and later made this house for lease.


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Second Incident:

A good family took this house for lease and entered into the house! things was normal for few days and after that suddenly, the housewife committed suicide by burning herself to death. Don’t know why she did this and it could be considered as a rumour because reasonless incidents are always rumors.

Third Incident:

This time a student takes this house for lease knowing about the incidents happened and after few days he too commits suicide by hanging himself. The people around the house says the behaviour of the student after entering into the house was very weird and strange. May be something happened to him or some problem that made himself hanged to death. This cannot Judge that some super natural thing is going around the house. After that incident, people stopped taking it for lease and people around the area would fear to pass by the house after 9:30 PM! Some other rumors say, they hear some noises of women crying loudly and also see a women appear wearing a white saree at the balcony & terrace. These are the rumors which got spread and made the beautiful house a haunted house. Now no one is ready to buy or demolish the house! Couple years back tv9 team investigated and made a paranormal activity to know the presence of ghosts or devils and they finally stated that this house is not an haunted one! This story was presented to me by Kiran. I am very thankful to him to make me know about this haunted house.

Kiran’s Personal Experience:

It was in 2010… I stay approximately 1 km to this house and one day my CPU was giving boot problem so one of my computer technician lives close to this house and i had to cross this house… back then i wasn’t allowed to drive a vehicle. So what i did is.. I took the CPU in carton box and tied it very tightly to my cycle.. I was half way through my house.. it was 10:30 at night and it started to rain.. So as i came across this building.. all street lights turned off and my cycle chain got struck (coincidence) in the rain… and dogs started barking… this really pissed me off…. and in the darkness the house looked really eerie… i ran for my life… 🙁 Even in the morning the house looks really eerie it is told that this house has got some 40 years of history, nobody lives in this house.. but i strongly believe that there is some super natural power that exists in this house.

Map to the Haunted House:

I Did Visit this House and Found Out Few Interesting Things!! I’m Writing The Complete Post in Few Days, till then stay subscribed!

If you have any stories to submit or have experienced something strange then let me know.



  1. There is nothing in the house it is just rumor because I have visted the house it was fully burned any dought contact on my no 9912934414

  2. There is nothing in the house..i went into it smoked a cigarette and came back at around 8pm.everyone nearby started watching me as a ghost while coming out. Lol..

  3. Dear Aditya, appreciate all your work
    Frankly speaking, Kiran’s Personal Experience para sounds to me like a more cooked up story when I was reading!
    it’s in 2010 at night 10.30 taking CPU on cycle! + He ran away leaving cycle and CPU in rain! 🙁
    This story more sounds like a teenager guy’s cooked up story
    Sorry if I am rude But the rest of the story was nicely written 🙂

  4. Aditya i dont know who are u but dont write what ever u know about it bcz we was in that house for some years first try to recollect full details. Confirm who is Mr. Ramesh babu have purchsed this house truly we have faced so many problems but i cant express u.

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