Before i start, i want you to know about lucid dreaming or lucid dreams. Then you will get an idea what i am saying about and why you need to know about lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming is which the one who is dreaming is aware of dreaming. In clear words he/she knows that they are dreaming and with slap on your face you will be back to reality. The best example for lucid dreaming is to watch the movie INCEPTION. Christopher Nolan has done a tremendous job explaining about lucidity or lucid dreaming to the audience. I am his great fan and a follower and this is what inspired me to write this article!

Can you remember your dream?

Can you experience your dream once you are awake? You might be thinking that it is not possible practically. But well, now it is possible with a new mobile application called SHADOW. Every one of us dream. But we rarely remember our dream once we are awake. Even if we try to recall it, we will not be able to do it. Scientists understand the neurology of sleep, but not the content of dreams. We have the scientific explanation of what really happens in our brain when we are dreaming but it is not possible to figure it out exactly. This application (Shadow) acts as a bridge to cover the gap. We really don’t know what we are going to dream in what situation. After you watch a movie or after having a fight or after the election etc… Our brain is a very good problem solver. Electricity, Frankenstein’s monster, nonviolent resistance, laser technology all of these were conceived in dreams. Most incredible creations ever made were started because of the dreams. Yet 95% of our dreams are not remembered. That is the huge amount of data which we loose every day. There is no such device to record or capture this data. What would happen if we remembered? Many more inventions can be made. Solutions for many problems can be found. Huge amount of data will not be going into the vein.

download (4)Shadow is an innovative alarm clock which helps you remember your dreams. Escalating alarms can gradually change you from hypnopompic state from sleeping to waking up. The longer you use this application, the more rewarding and accurate the experience becomes. You people might be thinking, how will an alarm help us to recollect our dreams? But that is the fact. Escalating alarms can gradually change you from sleeping mode to awake. You will be in the interstitial position between sleep and awake. The person who got the idea to create this app, was earlier working on his previous start ups. He did not get time to sleep. He did not sleep properly. He rarely used to take a break. Once when he took a break, he got two beautiful dreams. He later tried a lot to recall his dream but he was not able to. He then got an idea to start an application which can remind you of your dreams once you are awake. Shadow also makes the whole process of waking up easy. It gradually changes the phase of your sleep. So you will not feel that hard to get up when you are in a deep sleep.


How does this really work?

Shadow is still an alarm, but with a few advanced and amazing features. Set the time at which you want to wake up and arm the alarm before you go to bed. It uses a series of escalating alarms. The gradual increase in volume helps you better remember your dreams by taking you through your hypnopompic state (the transition from asleep to awake) much slower than a standard alarm clock. Once you are awake, it will immediately prompt you to express your dream. You can narrate directly via speaking. You can also type your dream in the message box there. Even if you forget the dream, there is a series of questions which you could answer which will help you to recall your dream. You can share the dream of yours with everyone.


This application can really be very useful for the mankind. One can utilize his brain even when he is asleep. Solutions for many unsolved problems can be found.

The idea was been placed in kickstarter and been funded for the development of the app. They will release the application in the play store and itunes stores once the application is fully developed. If you want to get the application very quickly then join the official email list of Dreamers Community

Hope you enjoyed reading my article. If you want to give any feed back then you are allowed to comment them below.


  1. Incredibly interesting stuff.
    I myself suffer from chronic procrastination and lack of motivation on a day-to-day basis, and I get next to nothing done when I’m fully awake. It’s always in that extremely sublime phase between sleep and wakefulness that I get most of my ideas from.
    You might also want to look up on a topic called brain waves.
    I’ll stay tuned. Keep writing! ^-^

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