Short Film Making is the 1st step to impress and get into Film Industry for Film Makers, they show all their talents while making these films and through these they get the fame and the motivation to do more films. Also Short Films are a great medium to explain something to the society or to inspire the people.

Why Are Short Films Made ?
As I explained above, short films are a great medium to showoff the talents rests in the film makers, editors, story-writers and many more. Short films can be professional or amateur productions. Short films are often screened at local, national, or international film festivals. Most of the short films are taken for entertainment and to prove themselves , but some people are disrespecting short films and making hell movies without a right story and copying other scripts which is a disrespect to the film makers!! I am totally against these type of actions, if you are into these!  Then at least realize now and make them for a reason!

Best Telugu Short Films

1. Viva (2013)

Viva is a Telugu comedy entertainer and this short film made a huge sensation in Tollywood and the video got more than 4 Million views on Youtube! It was a true entertainer on how engineering students appear their viva examinations to the Externals in their college. You can Watch the video by yourself and comment about the short film!!

Productions: D2E Films
Written, Directed and Edited by:

Sabarish Kandregula
Harsha chemudu 
Sampath vinay; Shanmukh Jaswanth; Diwakar; Kamal; Santosh; Pavan; Karthik; Chandra Mouli.

#viva goes viral
#viva goes viral

2. Anukokunda (2012)

Anukokunda Short film is about a girl who meets a guy in a pub while playing truth or dare with her friends. Unexpectedly the they both become friends and their friendship turns into love. But, the parent of girl fix a marriage to the girl with an another guys and the girl seeks her brothers help to cancel the marriage!! Here some the twist, watch out the movie fell the suspense!!

Productions: Vinoothna Geetha
Casting: Ritu Varma, Kireeti Damaraju

This film was made in 48 hours for the 48 hour film project and Won the Best film – Hyderabad 2012 Best Actor (female)
and Best Musical Score Awards !!

3. Proposal ( 2012 )

Proposal is a cute film between two lovers and a discussion about their marriage. The Director  has made many movies , i like the the most and this is why it goes into top 3!!

Casting: Raj Tarun & Chandini Chowdary

4. Ontiganta (2011) 

Now, this one is my favorite productions where they always come up with an new ideas. The story writer for this short film is Hussain Sha Keran and he is the best in this field! Ontiganta is a suspense and brilliant film and i am sure you will watch this film twice !! Its about  meeting of two strangers at an odd hour. One in the wait of someone and the other in the want of a lighter. Watch what happens when the conversation proceeds and the strangers get to know each other.

Productions: Nakama Creations
Casting: Hussain Sha Keran, Kireeti Dhamaraju

5. Love Again (2013)

Love Again is short film of two decent lovers who breakup with some misunderstandings and they play a small drama to get back their love. Mithun a character from the film tries to help Sid in getting into a new relationship but mithun get shocked after seeing the twist. Watch this romantic movie with your girl friends to solve your problems like his !! 😛

Productions: Nakama Creations
Casting: Siddarth Palavelli & Vanshika Kaushik

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