From the past few months, my tastebuds were fed up having all the American Deep Fried Chicken, Mid- Asian Cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Italian Cuisines, and other rice bowls cuisines in Hyderabad. I was literally searching for a place everywhere for authentic Andhra/ Telangana food. And being a Hyderabad Foodie and a south Indian I wanted that authentic taste to touch my taste buds and make me feel happy.

I searched a lot and one fine day a foodie friend of mine recommended me to try this place which has been recently inaugurated and serves authentic Telugu food in Hyderabad. I was sooooo happy listening to this and the next day itself I went to the outlet for lunch. Btw I forgot to tell you the place its called TheBhimavaramBoys.

Yes!! they serve Authentic Telugu food which will like almost refresh your taste buds.

I went to the outlet and ordered few starters Prawn Pakoda and Fish Fingers to start over. I was overwhelmed by looking at the whole menu until the order arrived. Knock Knock!! says the Chef as its the indication that the food has been prepared and ready to serve. I can look at my starters from 10 m distance and damn it looked amazing and I was craving to have them.  I took a bite of prawn pakoda and I must tell you I haven’t had such style of Telugu food in Hyderabad for many years. All I can find is biryanis and other fast food outlets making a chaos in the Food Industry.

I think such Telugu food stores have to be supported and appreciated often so that people don’t forget the taste of it. I thank The Bhimavaram Boys for taking such initiative and making people happy with their food.  They are very good at serving Rice Bowls / Pulao’s / Starters in Telugu Authentic Way 🙂 😀

Take a glance of the pictures that have been taken when I visited the store.

ajantha fish pakoda
kaju nut chicken pakoda
chicken sambar rice
bhimavaram royyala pulao

Outlet Directions-

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Till then Be Lazy, Be Crazy! 😀 😛

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