Dosa Place Hyderabad is a Food Truck located at Ayyapa Society, Madhapur, Hyderabad. As the name “Dosa Place” specifies about dosa’s mainly, you can find about 100+ varieties of dosa’s here in a small truck. People “mainly the youth” often come here to eat and try new delicious dosa’s . The place is maintained in a  neat & tidy way and also served in good fashioned way.  They only serve vegetarian foods and non-veg lovers can try out some spicy Chinese dosa’s here.  I loved the place very much and i am sure that you will too!

The Story (How it all started ?)

Cooking-Ingredients-for-dosa One fine day the co-founder Ajay Koneru decided to go for a walk around the locality. He was amazed with the craziness among the youth for the love of food. Scrapping that idea as quickly as it was born he started his own truck with a innovative idea and craziness of dosa’s in hyderabadi’s. Then began, Dosa Place!
He says – Dosa Place provides an ADDA atmosphere where everyone can come and relish in the delicacies we offer such as over a 100+ varieties of Dosas, Idlis, Pickles, Chutneys, Chai, Lassi, Batter, Podis, Buttermilk and“Goli Soda”- the forgotten Indian cola.

Taste Experience at “Dosa Place”

I ordered a “Teen Maar Dosa” which is the best one at this place to try and the taste was very delicious, amazing. The dosa is folded and cut into three pieces and served in a fashioned way. When you pick up the the rolls and put it into your mouth you get the best taste ever!! There are no words to express the taste of this dosa. We(my friends and me) also tried other dosa’s and they were also reaching our expectations about this place. Its really a delicious and tasty place for dosa’s. They also serve other foods like dosa’s, chutneys, idlis,pickles,buttermilk, goli soda etc…


The price ranges from 30 INR – 130 INR for each variety of dosa’s, I totally recommend you visit this place with your pockets filled. 🙂


They start serving dosa’s from 5PM – 11PM everyday. And one note for all of you, don’t reach lately at weekends or else you will miss the dosa’s

111+ varieties of Dosa’s


Directions to Dosa Place:

Photos of Dosa Place Hyderabad:

dosa place1 dosa place6 dosa place7 dosa place5

dosa place3 dosa place2


dosa place4

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