It’s been a long time since i scribbled. My Apologies! to keep my readers waiting for so long as i’ve been busy with some other to do’s that naturally occur for every engineering student. But there’s one thing to confess to my readers, the kundanbagh haunted house story was solved by me & a couple of my friends. I had to completely remove that post from my blog due to the nuisance created at the venue by some students who have read my article. Then the owner of the house requested me to remove the article as they were undergoing many problems by some problematic readers of my blog. That was the time when a journalist had taken an interest reading my blog, took an interview and drafted about my research in the DC.

After being Published in the Deccan Chronicle Newspaper many people were interested to come on board to solve this mystery as i wasn’t up for anything wrong and am trying to educate the people in the society. I could only choose few brave hearts to start my research in the month of July 2014 for the mysterious Dhed Lakh Ghar.

As they were many stories on the internet saying that this house has been haunted for about 40 years from now and reading up those blogs challenged my blood to visit the house as soon as possible. Before visiting the house, i took a decision to know about the true story first and then step into the house without any trespassing issues.  In this research of mine i had a chance to meet the Owners Son (Babu Rao). I really appreciate Sam Yutha  (DC Journalist) for helping me out to connect with him.

I came to know many things about the house after meeting the Ex Owner’s (Laxman) Son (Babu Rao).  Mr. Babu Rao was quite a good man without any hesitation and attitude he has answered all my questions which were poking me from the beginning of my research. Took an Interview of him and gathered all the information to step into Dhed Lakh Ghar. And The Story In my previous article turned out to be true. Before I puke out the mystery behind the Dhed Lakh Ghar, i want you to keep a note of these questions as we will be going in sequence for a better understanding.

Why has it got all that attention?
Why is it still a left alone Bungalow?
Why isn’t it Demolished?