Update: The Mystery Of Dhed Lakh Has Been Solved!! Tune On to Full Documentary after completion of the rumoured story!

Dhed lakh Ghar is a haunted house located in Hyderabad, there are many rumors spreading about this house and they say that this house has a history of 40 years.

Story of this House:

A person named Laxman is the owner of the house and built this house by spending 1 and half lakh  a 40 years ago. This was very huge amount at that time and this is the richest building in that area. So everyone named it as “Dhed lakh Ghar” , this is how that name originated to the building. The Owner was very happy about the building, he had 2 daughters and 3 sons. Everything was alright until they entered into the house. At the day of Gruhapravesham his wife was dead due to heart attack before entering into the house and with this the owner left the house due to depression and later made this house for lease.