Hi! I am Aditya Chintha and this is my personal blog. Mostly I confess about my interests and write articles on Strange Happenings. I like deducing mysterious events and want to aware & educate people about some things that are Non-Believable . I also like Eating Food :), Travelling , Meeting Awesome & New People and Exploring New places. I’m from Hyderabad and being a Hyderabadi, kinda solved some of the mysterious with the help of my friends.

Take a look at them,

Article 1: Kundanbagh Haunted Mission (Removed)
Article 2: Dhed Lakh Ghar Mission

The only thing that keeps me HAPPY other than money 😛 is following my dreams and interests which turns out to be passions. Its very Exciting to learn new things and meeting new people of the same category and it never becomes boring. I think this is Life! You need to let go the past and move on with the things, the only way to do this is start following your dreams. My Only Suggestion if you are stucked up in starting something is ” Just Do It “.

Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up. – Rachel Corrie

Seeing my weird interest on researching haunted places and solving the missions, I got featured on Deccan Chronicle Hyderabad!
Featured On Deccan Chronicle

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